Call Up Wi Name

Pochette de la mixtape Call up Wi Name de l'artiste Jamaican Jah Be


01. Call up wi name

02. Sound Clash dem want

03. Gun a clock

04. Pray fi dem

05. No regrets

06. God mi love you

07. Nuh come easy

08. Regularly

09. Drive yuh hearse

10. Protect my soul

11. Wish good fi dem

12. Streets crazy

13. On earth

14. Exchange little love

15. Dem nuh bad like we

16. Bus gun

17. Pink and White

18. Bung bang dem

19. Love you to death

20. FWD (Shove gun Shot)

21. Buy some fuck

22. Bruck yuh back

23. Buy some again

24. Yuh dead


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